Discover the secret to making $5,000 - $10,000 a month or More For doing Less Work than you already are

From the desk of Darren J Russell


My name is Darren J Russell and I am here to tell you about a business that is so easy to set up and run ANYONE could do it, regardless of what you do as your day job you could set this up in your spare time and be making more money for just a few hours work than you make in the whole of the rest of the month.

What is this all about?

You are about to discover how in a few short years one man went from being homeless and $9000 in debt to generating more than $5,000,000 from his laptop, using an idea that is so simple anyone can do just as he has done.

You can even try this out for yourself at home WITHOUT ANY RISK at all.

Before I reveal this to you, I should quickly let you know how I came across this information.

I first heard about this quite a few years ago when I received some mail through the post from an English entrepreneur who was making thousands of dollars a month working 1 to 2 hours a day for just 2 or 3 days a week. A man who leads the kind of lifestyle most people only dream about.

This guy was selling information products over the internet .  .  .  It was a business that was capable of generating thousands of dollars of profit EVERY month and it opened my eyes to a brand new way of making money from home.

Guess What I did next?

After reading that letter I was very excited and I knew it was a genuine way to escape the 9 to 5, but after the excitement died down I'm ashamed to admit I did nothing! Life carried on as normal and I put it to the back of my mind.

Then a couple of years ago, I attended an event and one of the speakers was giving a talk on how he had made himself a millionaire through selling information products over the internet, he told how in just three years he had gone from having nothing to over $2,500,000 in the bank.

A tested and proven way to make a living.

It was then that I realised this was a tested and PROVEN way to make a great living and it was straight forward enough that anyone could copy it and create a regular income running into thousands of dollars a month.

Unfortunately there seems to be very little helpful information available on how to start out in this kind of business without paying thousands of dollars to attend a seminar run by one of these millionaires.

Well that's about to change.

Because I was so impressed with what I heard from that millionaire two years ago, I recently managed to negotiate a deal and make that information available to you and I'm going to tell you how you can get access to insider information from that very same Millionaire.

He WILL reveal his money making secrets to you.

In this course he will not only show how he went from being stuck in a job as a security guard earning $4 an hour to becoming a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE doing something you could copy right now, but he will also show you HOW he did it – and how YOU can copy what he does for yourself ALL from your own home.

So if you’re tired of working just to make ends meet and doing the same thing month after month …

fed up with not getting anywhere no matter how hard you work … constantly worried and stressed out … or you hate what you’re doing - or even perhaps if you’re questioning what the future is going to bring to you.

Then by following what he shows you on this course, he can help you change all that!

This is a business where by applying what he had learned from a chance meeting with a self made millionaire he had gone from $9,000 in debt to making $10,000 within the first 28 days of starting up.

It was a simple way to make more money than he ever dreamed possible, and you could do it too by copying exactly what he shows you in this course … something you could certainly copy and run from your own home.

From humble beginnings.

In fact, he did it despite living in a squat … starting with little money … having no experience …and with very little idea about what he was doing.

Within just three years of starting he had brought himself a luxury 11 bedroom mansion in the mountains of Cyprus and was living a life he could only have dreamed about when just three years earlier he was $9,000 in debt and squatting in a house in Earls Court Road, London. Now he had his new luxury mansion with tennis courts, swimming pool, amazing views and more space than he'd ever lived in his whole life all paid for in cash!

All paid for from what he learned from that chance meeting and all what he will reveal to you ...

Remember this was just an ordinary guy who was previously earning $4 an hour as a security guard.

This was a guy who had never been successful before, a guy who previously had no knowledge of Internet business and had never made a single penny online in his life!

He was at a point where he was struggling with absolutely everything and yet within JUST 28 DAYS of starting up he had made $10,000

He had found a business that was able to generate HUGE profits with very little effort and was soon making upwards of $50,000 A MONTH. In fact within the first three years he made almost $3,000,000 

Since he was helped on the road to success by learning the secrets from that self made millionaire he met, he decided to share that same information, along with new skills he has learned to fine tune an amazing way of making money and teach people how to replicate his success.



But even though this is a great amount of money its a business so simple he has taught it to people of all age groups from all walks of life and many of his students have gone on to generate enormous wealth themselves using the skills, secrets and techniques that he has taught them.

It's a Business that:

  • You Can run From Anywhere In The World
  • Runs On Auto Pilot & Makes Money even While You Sleep
  • You Have No Staff
  • You Have No Office, No Shop, No Overheads
  • You don't have to do any Commuting
  • It Costs Practically Nothing To Set Up

Because it's online you get instant access.

"Isn't it about time you led the lifestyle that you wanted? Isn't it time you did what you wanted with your life? . . . "

In a nutshell.

This Course consists of five sessions, in which you will discover the strategies that he not only uses himself to continuously generate regular streams of income, but the systems that he is now teaching his students to do the same.

You will hear him explain how this business has changed his life and how it will change your life.  He speaks from experience, having changed so many lives already thanks to his teachings.

So why should you be interested in this?

Because now you can learn from the man himself, in this amazing course you will discover the strategies that can transform your life, filmed in real time at one of his seminars, its as if you were right there in the room with him. You will get the blueprint that you need to change your life forever.

What you are about to discover is information normally reserved for attendees at his private seminars . . . attendees who pay $1997 or more to attend.

Throughout this course you will discover a wealth of insider information and VALUABLE secrets.

You will learn about getting in the right mind-set to help you become successful, you will find out about the little known $50 piece of software that helped him on his way to becoming a millionaire and can help you achieve your goals too.

He will tell you about various passive incomes and how leveraging can help you make money. Discover how to start your customer database and then how to grow that database and find out how to create and sell your own products.

You will discover how to market your products and learn about using affiliates to sell your products for you. He will also reveal the top traffic generation strategies used by internet millionaires.

And Much More! In total you will get four hours of valuable tuition and insights, just as if you were in the same  room!

Imagine how your life could change. Imagine a life free from debts and financial worries . . . .

How different would your life be if you were making FIVE or even TEN times more than you are making now?

No loans . . . No struggling to pay debts month after month . . . No mortgage . . . No concerns about interest rates, taxes or household bills.

It may seem like some crazy dream but it really IS achievable.

It may be that all you want is just $200 a week extra to top up your income or maybe you want to earn $2,000 a month and be able to quit your job and work part time from home. Well with the information in this course you will learn how you could make between $5,000 and $15,000 a month.

$5,000 to $15,000 a Month! How would that change the way you live?

That could be enough money so you never have to work again for the rest of your life!

Wouldn't that be a great place to be? To actually have the freedom to decide what you want to do . . . Where you want to go . . .  and when you want to!

And to top it all you would have a business that is making you money even when you are not doing anything.

Wouldn't you like that kind of lifestyle? That kind of freedom? That kind of Money?

a lifestyle where you could pay off your mortgage and all of your debts . . .

a lifestyle where you can buy whatever you want without feeling guilty about the cost or how you are going to pay for it . . .

a lifestyle where you can walk into a car showroom and pay cash for your dream car.

A lifestyle where you could take a holiday wherever you want, whenever you want for as long as you want . . .

A lifestyle where YOU are in total control!

If you want to know how you can copy what he's done without even leaving your own home. About creating the life YOU want – You need to take action NOW because that life starts the second you play the first video.

It will show you HOW he did it – how he banked over four million pounds – and how YOU can copy what he does for yourself ALL from your home and WITHOUT any of the stress or hard work.

So if you hate your job – if you’re looking for a different way to earn money – if you desperately want to quit the 9 to 5 – if you would love the opportunity to make a new life for yourself…


The More Money for Less Work Home Study Course.

Module #1, Introduction.

We meet the man himself.

You will discover just how he stumbled upon the answer to all of his problems, and how from very early on he was able to radically change his financial position, and completely change his life forever.

This all happened in the space of a month, and it is his desire to help as many people as possible achieve the same success by following his strategies to the letter.

Module #2 Wealth Creation Crash Course.

In this session you will learn about getting in the right mind-set to become successful and discover the cash flow patterns of the rich.

You will learn about various passive incomes and how leveraging can help you make money.

You will also discover the $50 piece of software that helped him on his way to becoming a millionaire and will help you achieve your goals too.

Module #3 Internet Marketing Success.

All about internet marketing, including the four steps to success, choosing what areas/markets to sell in and how to start your customer database and then how to grow your customer database.

You will also discover the autopilot business model and learn how to find your niche market.

As well as twenty ways to increase your customer value

Module #4 Make $5,000 to $15,000 a Month in 90 Days or Less.

Some of the things you will learn in this session: The eight step blueprint for success and the TOP eight areas to sell to.

You will learn how to create products to sell and how to turn a $27 eBook into a $4,000 product.

Find out why people fail and the top four reasons for this that you should avoid.

Module #5 How to Get Thousands of Visitors To Your Website.

In this session you will discover innovative ways to market your product and the three questions you should be asking yourself before selling anything.

You will learn about using affiliates to sell your products for you.

Discover the top 5 traffic generation strategies used by internet millionaires.

I truly believe with the knowledge contained in this course you will have all you need to start generating a substantial monthly income.

And! because its online you not only get instant access but you will be able to watch on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone wherever you are. What's more you will be able to pause, rewind and watch over and over again so that you can get maximum value and knowledge from your investment.

Sounds great and I'm excited, but how much for this course?

So what's the deal for this More Money for Less Work Home Study Course? A lot less than you are thinking! In fact I know you are going to be pleasantly surprised by how much less. BUT before I tell you, I want to let you know about some exclusive bonuses I am including with the course.

Three Free Bonuses worth a total of $129


Along with your order we will include part 1 of our very popular Passive Income Success course Absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

On Passive Income Success we show you the strategies used to generate regular, recurring incomes that flow in, month in month out, on virtual auto pilot.

Passive income is really the dream life of internet marketers, because you are literally watching the money come in each week without you actively working in your business.


Complete Internet Marketing.

Everything You Need To Know About The World Of Internet Marketing Now Packed Into ONE Ultimate Guide - NOTHING HELD BACK

  • The advantages of Internet Marketing you can use in your favor!
  • Multiple ways of making money online as used by TOP Internet Marketers from around the world!
  • The BEST kind of product you can sell online.
  • Free and low cost advertising methods that work!
  • And so much more!


77 Secrets of Successful People

True financial freedom is only a step away, if you know how. Are you ready to start becoming truly wealthy?

  • How to create a wealth mindset
  • How to manage your future by setting specific goals
  • How to manage your wealth now in order to grow for the future
  • Making and Protecting your money
  • Investment secrets. Where should your money be invested?

Okay Darren, I'm in .  .  .  But how much is this all going to cost me?

So how much is this entire course going to cost? How much for a course that will show me how I could build a business that is able to bring me in between $5,000 and $15,000 a month? How much for access to a course that people paid $1,997 to attend?

Well if I told you that I would normally sell this course for $247, but that I was going to make a very special offer to you, what do you think a fair price would be?

How about $147?

I'm sure you would agree that a full $100 off would be a very generous offer?

WRONG! Because today I'm knocking an incredible $180 off and giving you the opportunity of owning the entire More Money For Less Work Online Course for just $67

The Bonuses alone are worth a lot more than this

For a limited time only I am happy to sell the More Money for Less Work Home Study Course for the vastly reduced price of just $67

Oh, and if you are doubting how good the product could be for such a low price, you could not be more wrong. The success of the many people who have profited from the information contained in this course is testament to its worth.

It is a PROVEN way to generate money with very little effort.

All you have to do to start on that path is TAKE ACTION and order your course for instant access NOW!

Remember for just $67 you will get all this...

More Money For Less Work Home Study Course

Four hours of valuable tuition and insights including:

Wealth Creation

Internet Marketing Success

Make $5,000 to $15,000 a Month in 90 Days or Less

How to Get Thousands of Visitors to Your Website

PLUS... These Bonus Products With a Combined Value of $127 Included for FREE

Passive Income Success - Session 1

Lear the strategies used to generate regular, recurring incomes that flow in, month after month on virtual autopilot.

Complete Internet Marketing eBook

Everything you need to know about the world of Internet Marketing, Including:-

Multiple ways of making money online as used by the top Internet Marketers around the world.

Free and low cost advertising methods that work!

The BEST kind of product you can sell online.

77 Secrets of Successful People eBook


How to create a wealth mindset

How to manage your wealth now in order to grow for the future

Making and Protecting your money

and much, much more.

Order your More Money for Less Work Home Study Course Now and you'll soon be on track to literally change your life forever!

100% RISK-FREE Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with ‘More Money for Less Work Home Study Course’ or you decide its not for you just let us know within the first 30 DAYS and we will refund your payment in full NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Furthermore you get to keep the BONUS content worth $129 for FREE as a thank you for trying out this product.

There is so much valuable information in this course

I'm convinced you will be extremely satisfied with your investment, so much so I'd like to give you the chance to review the complete More Money for Less Work Home Study Course in your own home WITHOUT ANY RISK WHATSOEVER.

Don't just take my word for it... here's what others have to say about the course:-

Thank you for a fantastic seminar! I am going to be the next online Millionaire!!!!  I have never felt so creative in my life, its like the world is just out there full of opportunities for me to take advantage of an over-abundance!!!  If I use only 1% of what you taught I know I will be financially free!

Jo Membe

Thank you for putting on such an amazing seminar on Wealth Creation! I was really blown away. There was stacks of content: I came away with so many new ideas. I had loads of fun – all the other delegates were fantastic too. The combination of the Psychology of Wealth, along with the explosive potential of Online Marketing was truly amazing. And all in just one packed weekend! So, thank you once again!

Paul Stuart

Mark is dynamic and inspirational. He is an example to anyone who has hit rock bottom and with motivation and sheer determination he changed his circumstances to become a success. This has been the most in-depth online marketing information that I have ever been exposed to

Karen Mills

Hi Mark, thank you very much. I came to your seminar, I went home and I did it, what you say.

I now make between $15,000 and $20,000 a month thanks to CPC offers on Facebook pages and mobile marketing. I think this is the next big thing!

Alusine Sesay

Mark has completely changed my life over the past 5 months. I now have an entrepreneurial mindset which is priceless. I unreservedly recommend Mark’s course to anyone who wants to improve their life and be inspired!

Lisabeth Protherough

Act Now it's risk free so you have nothing to lose.

You don't want to be looking back in years to come and thinking, What If . . .

When instead you could be living your life the way YOU want.

If you really are looking for a simple but effective way of making thousands of pounds every month then the More Money for Less Work Home Study Course is exactly what you need.

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This is NOT one of those silly get rich quick schemes

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Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to read this page. I promise, as soon as I receive your order, I'll send you your package the very same day.


Darren J Russell

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P.P.P.S. Still unsure? Watch this FREE VIDEO to hear from the man himself

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